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Speaker Agenda & Bios

Would like to be able to send a request to speakers to submit their workshop topic and bios. 

Once they submit their topic and bio, it would be nice to be able to attach and rearrange on a custom page layout "Speaker Agenda," setting the time schedule for the day or workshop track.

Better yet, would be to have this submission process set up as part of a call for speakers workflow, where we can instantly announce speakers after decisions are made, with all the details ready to go live immediately.

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Aye, I just came across Silent Weekend where they were still in the process of nailing down specific details of their conference. They had their location and dates, along with a few presenters set up, but times, etc... were "in the works". Obviously at some point, they will have it all nailed down and I think it's a good idea to see that on Eventida as well to capture more interest to drive traffic.

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