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Invite users to event lists

For private event lists - users should be able to invite others to see their private list. 

For both public AND private events lists, there should also be the ability to invite users to add events to the list.

If the user doesn't exist in Eventida, one should be able to enter their friend's email and inviting them to create an account and view my lists.

Public and private lists are great. I'm wondering though where does the line begins in regards to private lists. For example in the screenshot, it shows this event is on two lists, a public and private list.


My question is if it is a private list, does it have to be in public view? Or is there an option for a private list to remain hidden from public view?

Hi, Mark - can you confirm whether or not you are a member of the IDEL private list?

It should be showing for you if you are a member only. If you aren't then yes this is not expected behavior and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

I do not show any membership on IDEL Private List.

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