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Ability to post and view updates

Typically, the information about an event, list, or team changes through time. 

It would be ideal to keep track of these changes through an "updates" feature, and to be able to share these updates through social media, email lists, and other users.

They can help return visitors get up to speed on latest changes quickly. 

The workflow should go like this:

  1. Change made to event, page, or list
  2. Create an update once done with change
  3. Share the update on social media and via RSS/XML automations
  4. Once the above is released, work on the ability to "highlight" an update and have it show on listings and the main page of an event site.

One should be able to control whether the updates show to the public or privately for invited, logged in members only.

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Update: Added #4 to the list thanks to this feature request.

Aye, event updates are important.  

For example, 

Event is sold out, so maybe a waiting list opens up.

Event venue changes location days before the scheduled date.

Makes sense due to different factors to have this feature. 

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