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List of Events

Would be great to be able to show a list of events on a Page and attach it to an event or list.

Use Case Examples 

For an event, it may be a week-long conference with many satellite events. A great example is SXSW (South by Southwest).

An awareness campaign can be set up as an online event, and a page with a list of local events can be added.

For a list, an example would be a list of all magic events that has a page with a list of major international magic events, for major enthusiasts to convene from all over the world and magic event hosts to check before setting the date of their next event.

An organization or company may maintain two lists of events: first, events in their area that appeals to their audience, including their own; and second, a list of events their organization is hosting and appearing at. Then a page with the second event list is set up and added to the first event list's menu with the label "Where to Find Us."

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