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Create member lists for a Hub

Since a Hub account will bring together multiple teams and serve the needs of one or more communities, member lists will allow Hubs to organize all their followers, fans, team members, and other users into member lists, organized by labels.

The member lists can be private for Hub members only, or public for visitors to browse.

The label / name of member lists will depend on the hub user. Here are a few examples:

"Film Office" Hub for a region adds its different members into lists sorted by skill set so that producers can find the talent they need. The lists are set to private.

"National Nonprofit" Hub lists its different members by its chapters. Each chapter has their own list and a team assigned by the hub. The lists are public for individuals to find people in the chapter closest to them.

There are many examples of how member lists can be utilized, publicly or privately, to support a community's needs.

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