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Multiple Dates with Different Times and Open Captioning

Came across the Rockettes performing at Radio City with multiple events, some are interpreted and others are open captioning and one audio description.

Alternative Formats for Christmas Spectacular

While trying to add this event, I realized there were multiple dates at different times for different formats. This does present some kind of logistic issues that need to be thought through as to how to best display this.

Maybe you have a suggestion?

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I see what you mean. The start/end time and access categories (accommodations provided) can only be selected for the whole event, not for specific dates. 

Two solutions / work-arounds:

A. Add as separate events for each date, put in title the difference eg "MidSummer's Night, ASL interpreted" .... "MidSummer's Night with CART" - you will be able to specify which 


B. Add one event, select the first and last day as the start and end dates, all the access categories that apply. Put in the event summary the different times and when accommodations are provided in shorthand, such as "MON 3-4 PM: ASL Interpreter; TUES 5-6PM: CART;..." |

I hope that helps!

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