Three reasons:

1. To demonstrate our capabilities

We found out we were approved for the accelerator on Monday afternoon. Thee days later, on Thursday, we released a fully functional fundraising page with e-commerce functionality and an announcement article complete with video. 

When we found out no interpreters would be provided, it took us 2 days to decide to accelerate the company ourselves, and 12 days (in between work commitments and supporting current Eventida users) to finalize our user subscription packages, set up a t-shirt campaign, update the fundraiser with more perks, wrote four articles/blog posts (to be released over time), along with copy and videos for all of the above.

This is what we are capable of. 
With or without the backing of Silicon Valley, we are unstoppable!

2. Save on fees

Crowdfund sites typically charge approximately 7% to 15% of funds raised. This way, we only have to pay the 2.9% merchant fee (credit card fee), and we save over $100 for every $2,000 raised. 

3. Last but not least - limited time

Kickstarter campaigns are totally worth it when there is time to prepare well in advance. The stronger the start, the more likely it will be featured and then get major exposure. There is only the two of us right now and we are not able to do much advance preparation that a third party crowdfund app requires in order to be worth it. Instead, we chose to prioritize #1, showcasing what we are capable of.