Category Match

See the screenshot of an example event listing below, there are categories listed "Event Types" - one of which is Arts & Entertainment. The other category group is "Accommodations" with Wheelchair Accessible listed.

Let's say there is a national online arts auction that wants to advertise to art enthusiasts, they decide to buy an ad for this category. 

This means that anytime a user:

  1. searches for Arts & Entertainment events, 
  2. visits an event that is listed in that category,
  3. or the event description has the same string of words

..... the art auction ad will be displayed on the page, rotating with other category/keyword match ads.

Keyword Match

Look at the screenshot below again. Notice there is a description of the event below the categories and other event details. These are where keywords will match. 

Let's say there is an annual MagicCon in most major cities. The production company decides to buy an ad for keyword "Magic." 

Henceforth, anytime a user: 

  1. enters "magic" in keyword search on events
  2. browses an event list with "magic" in its description
  3. visits an event page with "magic" in its description or details

..... the MagicCon ad will display on the page, rotating with other category/keyword match ads.

Screenshot  of Event Listing

Screenshot of Magic Mitch Williams and categories as described above