If you think about all your friends and current / former colleagues, there's practically guaranteed to be a good number of people who are often involved with events in one way or another - as a volunteer or professional. 

Especially any that serve events and their attendees, therefore are likely to be the ones to handle accommodation requests - caterers, venues, interpreters, hotels, sighted support specialists, and so on.

They may not be popular or have a huge network of people - but they should have influence when it comes to the event(s) they are involved with. 

Reach out to those people and introduce them to Eventida - tell them about the mission. If they are managers or business owners, you may want to mention that now is a good time for businesses to invest in advertising on Eventida while it's cheap, they can hold on to their ad credit for up to a year.

Just keep introducing us! Start with sending them the link to information about the #events4everyBODY awareness campaign or  "About Us" at eventida.com/about.