What is Involved?

Participate in Action Alerts: Keep an eye out for emails with "Action Alert" in the subject. They contain images, tidbits, links to new articles or information, and so on - content ready for sharing. With everyone on the street team sharing the same content in multiple social networks within 1-2 days, the higher we will rank in relevancy and get more views and clicks. 

We will make sure to keep it SUPER SIMPLE for you to just click a few buttons and personalize the message. Just a few minutes of your time every week or so.

Do user testing: as we build new features, we need input and users to test it, before we can release to the public. We will send short instructions such as "Log in, go to Manage Lists and create a list." We need at least a few people to do it and let us know if it was easy or painful to use, and whether they found any bugs.

When Will We Start?

We will begin sending out Action Alerts and testing requests sometime in July. 

Meanwhile, everyone can get started immediately with sharing and re-sharing, spreading the word. Logging in on Eventida and posting events, searching for events, saving them to a private or public list. Using the embed feature. It's a big playground, we welcome your coming in to play! 

How do I Join?

Simply fill out this form: http://eepurl.com/IvHm1 

TIP: Be sure to send us a link that gives us a good picture of what you could do as part of our street team. Our time is limited; therefore, we need people who are ready to hit the ground running. 

Is this Paid Work?

No, it is volunteer, but definitely an opportunity for the best performers to secure a job opportunity with us as we raise funds during the accelerator program. Anyone who makes themselves indispensable will likely be a shoo-in for our marketing team, either as a full time employee or freelance contractor.

If you are a student who needs on the job experience and an addition to your resume, feel free to contact us about doing an internship.
The internship must be related to one or more of the following: event planning and promotions; web development; programming; graphic design; marketing; social media; catering and hospitality.