With the bulk order, one can buy 10 or more categories / keyword ads at $100 each, discounted from $250 - simple and straightforward.

Custom promotions are arranged in advance and pricing varies, with the understanding that the starting budget is at least $1,000. 

How do we arrange for a custom promotions package?

First, we'll start with a meeting to discuss your company or nonprofit's objectives, past successes and failures with providing accommodations at and promoting an event or service. 

Then we'll develop a proposal that fits these objectives and takes into consideration previous history. If the proposal is accepted, we'll move along with the promotions as agreed upon during discussions.

Examples of custom promotions package and partnerships:

  • A combination of run-of-site, keyword, email ad, and/or blog content placement.
  • Consulting and promotions targeting the Deaf and signing communities for a large conference that has interpreters.
  • Prioritize a specific feature that Eventida plans to build and when releasing it, promote it as sponsored by our promotion partner.
  • Co-hosting and promoting a series of events targeting Eventida's main customer base (the 34%).

How soon can we start?

The soonest we can start a new custom promotion is in August - first come, first serve. 

Interested? Contact us to get started!