Offers include the following:

  • ad space on an event site or list
  • an offer to create and/or distribute promotions on the behalf of those who buy
  • on-site event promotion opportunity
  • a service to provide access - interpreting, temporary ramps, and so on
  • a professional or company available to provide event related services

The main purpose of offers is for revenue, either to support oneself, a business, or an event's funding needs. On Eventida, the promotions are typically highly focused on specific audiences: those who have an allergy, disability, or speaks / signs a different language. 

Examples of offers:

  • An event host has promotional opportunities during their event and online promotions beforehand. 
  • A filmmaker offers to create 30 second ads in the language of the audience.
  • Newspaper has a package offer to promote an event in print, on their website, and on Eventida.
  • A creative services freelancer may offer to design the event images, flyer, and maintain the event site.
  • Multi-city venue on the hub account offer promotion placements on the local level via one master account.