A Promoter account is typically used by an event host, service provider, or talent for the purpose of finding gigs, leads, clients, and creating special offers on the marketplace.

Each promoter account will cost $29 monthly and comes with a set of five offers included. There is no additional charge to join a team or a community. It is $19 monthly per additional set of 5 offers. A 10% discount is available for annual purchases.

Features included with the Promoter account:

Keep engagement high through email and social media

  • Post updates, share to social media
  • Set up RSS feed and xml based automations

Participate in the Marketplace

  • Create promotional and service offers to generate revenue
  • Provide clients with the ability to self-manage their ad-space and content, and see performance reports
  • Purchase additional offers at $19 per set of 5 

Post and manage leads for a brand's offers

  • Manage leads and orders for your offer(s) - for example, one ad spot offer can have 2 or 20 customers

See the complete comparison chart of all features at eventida.com/compare

Ad Management through

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NOTE: When launched, the API documentation and developer support for Promoter-level features will only be available to user levels of Promoters & up.