To achieve the mission of Eventida - #events4everyBODY - two main problems with providing access need to be solved: time and cost. 

The marketplace is one of the solutions - to help event hosts provide and promote access to a specific group of potential customers, Eventida connects them with promoters, accessibility and accommodation services, sponsors, and other event hosts who knows the audience. 

Below are a few examples of how a variety of users may use the marketplace.

Annual Geek Con

Profile: Has the Geek Con main event logo, with a description explaining where the event takes place and how often, and list of upcoming events. Main website is not fully accessible, uses Eventida as a simpler version of main site for accessibility purposes, with screen readers and other visuals sending visitors to Eventida.

Offers by this user: 

  • Ad space on their Eventida site
  • Sponsor Package
  • Exhibitor Space

Purchases by this user:

  • ASL Interpreting services
  • Video Production by ASL Promoter
  • Advertisements on events and lists that serve the Deaf community

National Nonprofit with Local Chapters

Profile: Has the nonprofit's logo, with a description describing that they are a hub account supporting several conferences and their chapters' local events, providing event list(s) and a team account for each chapter.

Offers by this user:

  • Nationwide promotion on the local level - ad placements on all lists
  • Local ad placement (on one of the chapter's events and list)
  • Venue / bookings for events, accommodations provided 
  • Booth space at an event

Purchases by this user:

  • Ad placements promoting their events and venues

Acclaimed Artist Chewbacca

Profile: Has the artist's profile with images of his graffiti style work and a link to his event list "Where to find me" listing all the events they have booked a booth or exhibit at.

Offers by this user:

  • Commission for custom artwork - great for event posters
  • Entertainment - let your guests enjoy art being created in real time during the event
  • Auction Paintings - custom art that expresses what the auction is for, fetches high auction prices

Purchases by this user:

  • Booth space at different events  



Profile: Describes that they are a sign language interpreting agency for the Deaf and lists their certifications along with images of their interpreters doing work.

Offers by this user:

  • ASL Interpreters for the Deaf at Your Event
  • Proactive Package - don't wait for a request, book interpreters and let us work with our Deaf partners to promote your event

Purchases by this user:

  • Sponsorship packages
  • Booth space at different events