Users are able to list their event site, create an event site, or event list, all for free. In exchange, Eventida owns the ad-space.

One of the features that Promoters, Team and Hub subscribers will enjoy is the ability to control the ad spaces on their events and event lists. See the full comparison of features here.

Subscribers can sell ad-space at their own price, only allow sponsors' ads to display, or opt to fill in the space with something else such as a Facebook like box. They can also list their ad or promotion package offer in the Marketplace, and opt to use.

For those event pages and lists where the owner has "taken control" the ad space, any ad placements you have purchased with Eventida will not displayHowever, the majority of events and lists are owned by free users

The ad service and functionality is set up, but subscriptions have not been launched yet, we are still building the control panel for users to self-manage their ad spaces and view reports.

Meanwhile, pre-launch customers get direct, one-on-one service with an Eventida representative managing their ad spaces for them. Once the ad placement(s) are set-up, a weekly report will be set up and emailed to our subscribers. For every ad that is placed, the ad owner will also receive a weekly performance report.