Users are able to list their event site, create an event site, or event list, all for free. In exchange, Eventida owns the ad-space.

Whereas paid subscribers have the ability to control ad spaces on their events and event lists. 

The ad-space can be used in many ways. Here are a few examples: 

  • sell ad placements at your own price, see Eventida's ad offers for example
  • bundle ad placements into an event promotion package deal
  • place sponsors logos and/or ads
  • a Facebook like box
  • an innovative event promotion
  • display Adsense advertisements

If you decide to sign up and sell ad space on your events and event lists through Eventida, your ad or promotion package offer can be sold through 
the Marketplace

The ad service and functionality is set up, but subscriptions have not been launched yet, we are still building the control panel for users to self-manage their ad spaces and view reports. 

Meanwhile, pre-launch customers get direct, one-on-one service with an Eventida representative managing their ad spaces, posting offers on the marketplace, and setting up automatic weekly reports. 

Eventida is using Doubleclick by Google solution to manage ad-zones and place keyword matching ads. If you prefer to earn through an Adsense account, we can work with you to set it up. 


Once the ad placements are set-up, a weekly ad performance report will be set up and sent to you (the subscriber), to monitor how well your ads are performing. For every ad that is placed, your buyer will receive a weekly performance report specific to their ad.