What is the difference between an event listing and site?

An event listing is for those who already have an event website or webpage elsewhere. 

Listings appear on search results, event lists and point to the main event website. The purpose of listings are to:

  1. Promote the event to a diverse audience.
  2. Accept requests from those who have a food allergy, a disability, or speaks/signs a different language.
  3. Add events to event list(s) that are embedded on sites across the web.
  4. Helps improve Search Engine Optimization with inbound links.

An event site are for those who don't have a website OR has found that their event site is inaccessible and needs a quick way to share event details in an accessible format.

Event sites appear alongside other listings across the site as described in the list above.

One can add pages and build a navigation menu for their event site.

Both event listings and sites can be embedded on the host's and their partners' websites.

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