Adding registration, ticket, and sponsor, and other sales

This tutorial shows how to list products and pricing. Here are a few examples:

  • Tickets to individual events
  • A pass to overall event
  • Kid’s tickets
  • Toddler free registration
  • Sponsorship
  • Advertising
  • Booths

This is a blank form where you enter the name of your ticket or registration.  Click on 'Add some data?' and a row of fields will show up for you to input your product information. 

1)  Enter the name of your product in the first box.

2)  Set the minimum age for your event.  

3)  Maximum age is mainly used for selling children’s products. Enter this number under Maximum Age.

4)  Under Price, enter the price of the product.

5)  Finally, add the link to purchase any of the above in the “RSVP link” field.

This is straightforward and easy to fill out!


KNOWN ISSUE:  The Prices and Age Limits field does not work very well on the mobile screen. It works better in landscape view or via larger screens.

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