Not ready with a venue yet?

Sometimes you're not ready with a venue but you still need to get the word out about your event. There are a couple solutions for this common situation on Eventida.

Solution 1

Until you settle on the right venue, the event is  technically an online event. Right? On the event form, find the "Event Type" field and choose Online. This swaps the venue selection fields out for a simple Instructions textarea that you can fill in with whatever you want. This is the easiest and quickest approach, but the caveat is that this event will only show up on our online events search pages.

Solution 2

If you care about the event  showing up in our local search or want to put up a general placeholder or teaser map, you can choose the traditional approach that gets your event listed in Local searches.

  1. Create a venue and name it something like "TBD @ Austin, TX". Search for and select an approximate location via the Google Places autocomplete field called "Venue Address".
  2. Save it and head on over to the event form. Find the venue selection fields and search for the venue you just entered. Add it to the event and you're all set.

At Eventida, we've made it so that you don't have to re-invent the venue wheel every time. You can just type "TBD" in the search field (see image above) and a list of various TBD venues, preset by Eventida's users, will show up for your use.

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