What does “setup” mean for events?

Having technology and automations set up helps to save time and ensure a smooth, accessible and inclusive experience for event attendees, vendors and partners.  A few examples:

  • Registration forms with e-commerce built in.
  • Buttons “add to calendar” for attendees’ convenience.
  • A series of emails and reminders pre-scheduled to send on specific dates.
  • Automatically feed events to a website or app with no manual data entry.
  • Ability for visitors to post events via your website(s) and social media platform.
  • Capability for admins to approve or decline the event with a single click.
  • Get interested attendees to subscribe, building a following for future events.
  • Create email newsletters with Upcoming Events automatically inserted.

In other words, in the context of an event’s online presence, “setup” is the process of signing up for accounts, editing settings, connecting one app to the other, adding content, fields to forms, email notifications, and so on. 

There is also pre-preparation needed with getting setup on-site during the day of the event, for attendees with disabilities or food allergies, such as providing a list of special requests to the caterer and how servers will know who needs those special requests on-site.

Eventida users who need support with their online setup can upgrade to the Setup+Support subscription, and gain access to a team of professionals who are not only expert in doing those set-up tasks, but also in ensuring a smooth, accessible online user experience for potential attendees, vendors, and sponsors

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