How does the Setup+Support subscription work?

Review: What is included in the subscription

  • All of the premium features on a Promoter account (see pricing).
  • Access to weekly group support via Slack and training sessions via Zoom.
  • Eight (8) hours per month of 1-on-1 setup and support services with an expert.

The eight hours of 1:1 services include training and consulting for your organization’s event planning, internet marketing, web accessibility, and basic webmaster needs.We will support you and/or your team in setting up your account on Eventida, creating event lists, adding events, and creating automations or integrations that utilize Eventida’s features with websites and third party platforms.

Support & training sessions 1:1 with an expert

During intake, we will review your needs. These are the questions we will ask:

  1. What your objectives and priorities are.
  2. Do you need mentoring and training, or full on “we do all the legwork for you” service?
  3. What types of events are you involved with and what kind of involvement is it?
  4. About schedule, availability, team and resources - any important deadlines?
  5. What social media and third party platforms are you using the most?
  6. Who is authorized to represent you and/or your organization in support sessions.
  7. How should the sessions be conducted - via video / screenshare - or via a dedicated Slack channel?

Based on the answers to those questions, we will match you with the best expert on our team. If the primary need is content, we will match you with a marketing expert. If you mostly need development work, we will match you with an IT consultant.

Note that your assigned expert can be changed, as goals and objectives are met and a different area of focus is needed. Other times, the communication styles may differ too greatly, creating misunderstandings or conflict. In such case, a request for a different expert may be submitted by either party.

Recurring Sessions. We will schedule a recurring support session with your assigned representative and expert from Eventida to work together on a regular basis:

  • 2x per month for 3-4 hours each session, with a half hour break
  • 1x per week at 2 hours each session

One-off Sessions. From time to time, to ensure quality, the expert will need to bring in a teammate who is better at a specific type of task. If the other individual has no availability during the recurring sessions, we will schedule a special “one-off” session.

Weekly Reports. You will receive a weekly email with the number of hours logged last week and a summary of time logs and updates, if any.

Monthly Review. On the Monday following your subscription start date, we will review the next month’s session dates and objectives list, prioritizing the workload.

The Fine Print: Important Highlights

  • Any unspent time at the end of the subscription period will not roll over.
  • You will receive weekly reports on hours remaining.  
  • Establishing a schedule of recurring sessions is mandatory.
  • A representative for the client must be present at all 1:1 sessions - even if Eventida is doing all the work, a decision maker and answers to questions is critical.
  • Missed sessions can be rescheduled, depending on availability. Here’s how.
  • You will be responsible for booking these hours at least ten business days in advance.
  • While there is a ten day advance policy, bookings can be made up to (2) two business days in advance if there is availability.

How do I know what I get for the 8 hours monthly?

The list seen on this topic gives a good example of the kinds of tasks we can do. We recommend that the first task (typically 2-4 hours of work) is an analysis of your web traffic, platforms you currently use, overall set-up. The analysis will help ensure you make well-informed decisions henceforth.During the monthly review, we will work together to identify what the most high-impact and critical tasks are, and decide what to focus on. You will usually have a good idea of what you will be getting each month, in advance.

Important Note: Please be aware that the scope of Setup+Support service is limited - it must be related to your events and promotions, and cannot require any 100% custom programming or website development which typically requires many hours. Those types of support requests will be re-routed for consideration as a Special Project. If the Eventida team is not available within the timeframe you need, your assigned expert can help connect you to a freelancer or agency, and support you throughout the process of working with the other company.

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