Setting timezone, dates, times, and repeat rules for events

In the guide below, learn how to apply settings for all kinds of events, times, and repeating rules. 
  1. One day event, either all day or with a specific start and end time. 
    Workshops, online webinars, meetups, etc.
  2. Multiple day event with one admission for all days.
    Retreats, boot-camps, conferences, training, travel package, etc
  3. Multiple day event with admission for individual days.
    Expos, conferences, festivals, workshops, training, special package offer, etc.
  4. Recurring weekly, monthly or annual (exceptions may apply) on a date.
    Monthly [topic] coffee chats, weekly play-dates, Twitter chats, meetups, demo events, on-boarding, etc 
  5. An irregular event - has multiple dates and times. 
    Rare. A workshop series, research committee, scouting trips, etc.
  6. An event that happens weekly or bi-weekly on a specific day of week.
    Weekly Wednesday Women's Date, Fridays & Donuts at Lion's Club, etc
  7. Multiple events within one major event, with different dates and times.A help topic of its own - click here to learn the trick for handling multiple events.

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