Will I need to sign up or pay for additional tools?

It depends on what your specific needs are. Typically, subscribers already use those additional tools and signed up to get support in integrating those tools with their Eventida account - for example, auto-posting events to a Facebook page or MailChimp for email subscribers.

Will these additional tools cost extra?

If the features on Eventida does not meet your needs and a solution is needed, as a rule we actively seek out and recommend free or cost-effective software or tools that accomplish your goals, because 100% custom work can be very costly.

It’s up to you. We will consult you on both free and premium options. You will be responsible for all third party expenses. For example, if you have an email newsletter, your email marketing provider might charge for premium features or have a price-tier based on the number of subscribers. 

Some third party software may require you to upgrade your accounts with them in order to leverage Eventida’s features. Should the solution end up being cost-prohibitive, Eventida may be able to help you plan a strategy or recommend out-of-the-box alternatives. 

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