What is the Setup+Support membership?

You have decided to sign up for a Promoter account and use the premium features to automate your event promotions. Excellent!

But, hang on…. you or your team may need help with setting up the account and integrations with social media and other websites.

The solution is to upgrade to the setup and support package. What’s included? It’s very simple: eight (8) hours per month of 1-on-1 support training PLUS access to weekly group support and trainings in Slack and Zoom.

These services include training and consulting for your organization’s event planning, internet marketing, web accessibility, and basic webmaster needs. It also includes:

  • All premium features in Promoter subscription.
  • 8 hours of 1:1 support sessions.
  • Weekly group support & training.
  • Custom integration support.
  • Featured in resource center (coming soon).

BONUS: Buy one year, get 20% off AND 4 bonus hours for a total of 100 hours of support for you and/or your team. Visit eventida.com/compare to see pricing and compare features.

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