Is there a refund / cancellation policy?

Monthly subscribers may cancel at any time, the subscription will end at the next billing due date with no refund. Users retain full access to all premium features & any remaining support hours until their subscription expires.  

Annual subscribers may cancel at any time, and the refund amount will be determined according to the following rules:

Full Refund - if you have not yet completed any setup+support sessions and it is less than 30 days since your start date, you may request a cancellation in order to receive a full refund.

Partial Refund - if you have received setup services, or it is several months into your subscription, your subscription will end on the next day of month on the same date that you signed up, and the refund will be calculated according to your signup fee. 


If you signed up as a Promoter annual subscriber on March 18 at $40 per month and canceled your subscription on May 1, your subscription will end on May 18, two months into your subscription - for the remaining 10 months, you will be refunded $400. 

If you signed up as a Setup+Support annual subscriber on January 1 at a discount of $240 monthly, and cancelled it on March 15 (month 3), the subscription ends April 1 and you will be refunded 9 months’ worth, $2,160.  

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