What solutions and services does Eventida provide?

Eventida is ready to transform your marketing and product teams into a research and development lab solving inclusion challenges.

Event Support Service (Research)

Event inclusion support services with a unique twist: a focus on conducting research. 

Inclusive Events - While supporting your event inclusion needs, we identify and create opportunities for data gathering through registration and event activities. 

Interactive Exercises - Whether during an event or an online campaign promoting the event, we innovate experiences intentionally designed to gather data and insights from diverse groups.

Analysis & Insights - After analyzing information gathered from events, form submissions, data sets, user behavior, and other online experiences, we create reports for stakeholders. 

Contact us if you have a need for event support and consulting, or have an existing research project that needs more participants.

Team Support Service (Development)

Development services with a focus on providing team support, creating inclusive workspaces and customer experiences. 

Accessible Content - Our support includes ADA and WCAG compliance for websites, promotions, events, brand guides, and media kits. For teams, we provide content management training.

Responsive Websites - Supporting the team in using best practices to develop WCAG compliant websites and update social media platforms with accessible content, and ensures that the brand looks and behaves great across all devices.

Internet Marketing - Bringing target audiences to events and website with a mix of marketing strategies, including keyword ads, blogging, social media engagement and SEO.

Contact us if you have a need for these services, from mentorship and training for your existing team to forming an entirely new team from scratch and establishing dev-ops, tech stack, and operations. 

Publication & Resource Center (Impact)

There are always new problems with accessibility and inclusion needs that arise when new technologies emerge; ways of teaching are innovated, methodologies for managing a workforce are developed, and industry standards are updated. By raising awareness of these problems and sharing solutions that were innovated by our teams or discovered during research, we create a ripple effect of empowerment worldwide. 

Best Practices & Standards - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has become a top priority in many sectors, but standards and best practices are not well established yet. While supporting efforts to create an inclusive environment, whether an event or a team workspace, we share, test, and ideate products and solutions, then share lessons learned, barriers identified, workarounds implemented, and more.

Distribution & Calls to Action - We encourage event sponsors to make analysis and insight results available to the public. When they are, we disseminate these reports to the public through distribution partnerships and events. These articles contain actionable insights, recipes for success, and insights for professional growth. 
Visit the publication, brand new as of late November 2022: https://medium.com/eventida

We welcome partners and sponsors for our publication. Contact us if interested.

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