I am interested in an opportunity for the Collective - how does it work?

How it Works

Find current opportunities in the chart on the Collective (beta) website. For each that is a good fit, click "Indicate Interest."

Share why you are interested, and the next steps will be sent via to your email.

Start a new cohort - If none of the existing opportunities align with your skills or goals, or if you have a new project, start a new initiative.

Common Questions

What if I am more comfortable communicating in ASL or another language?

We totally get it. We do not require perfect English, but we do require a written interview. Our work is heavily async and involves documentation and commenting - we need to make sure you can communicate basic information in written English.

Can I call you or send some questions in advance?

Unfortunately, our team is very small and cannot spend time talking to potential applicants, although we sincerely wish the answer could be, “yes, we’d love to meet you!” 

The job interview process is the best time to ask questions and get more information from us - simply complete your interview Q&A to get an invitation to interview with us as a finalist!

Once I've completed the written interview, what should I expect next?

Leading up to the deadline, incomplete applications will be returned with a request for more information. Only complete interviews submitted by qualified candidates will result in an interview invitation. Interviews will be conducted in Zoom.

If you receive an invitation to interview, questions will be sent in advance for your preparation. Interviews will be conducted via Zoom, and in some cases a third and final round of interviews will be conducted, either remotely or at Eventida's office in Washington, D.C.

What if the interview time slots are full?

This may happen. If it does, please let us know and we will add additional time slots to the interview schedule.

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