What are public event lists?

A public event list is a collection of events of interest to a community, a local area, or enthusiasts.

For example, a list for mountain bikers, theater goers, or entrepreneur networking.

There are no privacy restrictions - anyone can see the list or embed it.

More examples of use:

  • a non-profit organization lists community events, it shows up on their website automatically.  
  • an artisan that sells at events has a “where to find us” event list on their website.
  • a movie with no website links to a list of premieres and showings on their social media.
  • an entertainment venue lists the events taking place at their location.
  • local events that are accessible to the Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing.

The list owner can find and add events to their list(s) with a click of a button.

See the tour for more details.

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