How do I attach a page to an event site or public list?

By adding a page to your event site or list, you will make it easy for your audience to click the menu if they want to learn more. Pages can be used for lodging or transportation details, registration options and deadlines, speaker bios, and more.

Why create pages separately?

Many event hosts and promoters need to post the same information repeatedly, such as information about their venue, or an "about the host" information page. By setting up Pages separately, you enjoy these benefits:

  • Set up the page ONCE and add it to different sites and lists.
  • The ability to update all this information across multiple sites and event lists with ONE edit.
  • Ability to keep organized with what information is being shared where (you can look at the Pages page and see which pages are attached to which sites and lists).
  • COMING SOON: Templates!! We have lots of plans for fun templates you can use to create stunning pages with minimal effort.

How does it work?

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