What size should my images be?

Having a good event or list image enhances visibility and helps to attract more visitors. 

It is also the main image that shows up when the list or event is shared via social media. 

Here are a few tips on making and setting up that perfect image.

  • Size matters! Because of Eventida's responsive design, it's best to upload images that are 400 pixels wide or greater, and no less than 200 pixels in height. Larger images can make web pages load slowly."
  • Less text is more! Graphically rendered text are usually not accessible to the blind and low vision, nor are they searchable. Certain social media sites, like Facebook, also demote images with too much text in them, or otherwise devalue them. Event posters are one thing, but it's generally a good idea to avoid putting too much text in your image. Unless it's a company logo or brand.
TIP: Always wanted a great tool for creating that perfect image or meme? 
Canva provides many pre-defined templates that fit various sizes. Upload custom art, created stylized text, and more. There's also an  iPad app for it!  Our special link has a $10 free credit for new sign-ups - you can use the credit to buy images.

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